Dreaming of a White Kitchen

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To go white or to not? In a kitchen especially one would think that white cupboards would be impractical…but look how clean it all is! I think if you do the following and take some cue from the slide show a white kitchen can feel anything but boring, baron and make you feel less afraid about getting it dirty.

  • paint the cabinets in a cream, not a stark white
  • play around with the colors of the bottom cabinets: green, grey,black or yellow
  • if you feel uneasy about experimenting on the perimeter cabinets why not try a painted finish on just the island. If you look at the “yellow” kitchen you will see that the only thing that is really yellow is the island. Everything else is very tame. Note to self…love Sarah Richardson…the posted photo is from her Sarah’s House TV series.
  • make the island a different stain if you still feel uneasy about a more daring color. Make it look like furniture, introduce unconventional shelves or even play around with the heights or “stations” of the workspace

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