Same furniture…different house: Living room

Moving a lot over the years I have had to re purpose our furniture into different arrangements in different sizes of houses.

Living room:

The first is our furniture in a small condo before we were married. The layout had to allow for openings from our front entry as well as serve as a pass through to our kitchen.

Second is the same furniture in our open plan home, which was a new build. The challenge here was the fact that we wanted to keep flow while designating a feeling of separation and feeling of this is the living room, this is the kitchen, this is the dining room. The dark floors compliment the light furniture as well as the browns pulled from the floors through the fabric.The first is before crown molding(see next post about this adventure!)

Lastly, moving to a loft after the sale of our house we were faced with a long skinny room, lots of windows and very tall ceilings. This loft is very old as you can tell by the floors…which make the room feel light, airy and full of character.


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