Same furniture… Dining room

Here are a few photo’s of our dining room in our home. Although I liked aspects of the arrangements in each try of designing the room I eventually found continuity and a love for the space. Our problem with the space and designing it was that it was so open to the rest of the floor which joined the kitchen and living room…all of which were visible from the main entrance of the home. Through a lot of trial and error we finally found perfection…just in time to move.

The lesson here is if at first you fail, try again!

Try # 1: too busy

Try #2: maybe remove the curtains altogether, adding wall paper and a change of color? I like it much more but still…being open to the rest of the floor something still wasn’t right!

Try #5 ( I skipped showing all the other tries!): Getting exhausted now! But finally perfection! What we ended up doing was adding some architectural detail throughout the main floor as well as bead-board to the main wall, creating a welcoming and cozy space. We also put the original chairs with the table re-finished and re-upholstered in a beautiful organic design.


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