The inspired room: Bathrooms

What do you need in a bathroom. First you need to figure out the purpose of the room and what its main uses are going to be: is it a place to wash up, a busy family bathroom, mainly a guest space, a space for one or a space for 2.

Powder Room:

The first bathroom to focus on would be the powder room. You need to keep in mind that the powder room is mainly used for company or daily, meaning you don’t have any need for storage or large cabinetry. Just a small functional space. The powder room is also a great opportunity to use more expensive finishing’s, bold patterns and little luxuries that can add that little touch of glamour. Just remember to keep the room light, durable and relates to the decor in the rest of the house.

powder room

This small space feels cozy and roomy with use of a small pedestal sink and paneling on the walls.

Pretty half bath; A Sarah Richardson design

A functional sink with storage and pretty details such as the tiled inlay that creates a built in mat. A welcoming space that feels large and glamorous.

Family bathrooms/Ensuite:

The family bathroom needs storage! Use your imagination to create functional storage and ensure that you have a plan for all the things you want to display as well as the things that need to be under wraps. By making a plan your bathroom will stay organized, clean and show-home ready!

double sink bench

This vanity is a perfect example of having display storage underneath the vanity as well as covered storage on each side that flank the sinks perfectly as well as serve as plenty of storage within reach

Sarah Richardson Bathroom

A Sarah Richardson Design that is both elegant and functional. A perfect mixture of open and closed storage along with the beautiful detail on the floors make this design fresh, clean and a space you won't want to leave!

Sarah Richardson Bathroom

Another one of Sarah Richardson's designs. This bathroom is an excellent example of how to use storage in a modern, clean lined application .



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