Bistro Glamour…on a budget.

This kitchen is pretty, functional and ideal for an open planned concept. Its pretty enough to stand on its own and roomy enough that you would have no problem entertaining, cooking and using the space everyday. Helps that its so pretty too ūüôā

With this kitchen’s use of open storage flanking the main cooking area the space feels open and clean. The open storage serves as a great place to show off all the pretty little kitchen items. The way the open storage has the darker cabinet fronts draws your eyes up and¬†commands¬†all the attention. The rest of the kitchen from the cabinets to the¬†counter-tops¬†to the¬†back-splash¬†run¬†seamlessly¬†together with their marble finishes and clean lines adding more emphasis on the way that the island set in the middle feels like a piece of floating furniture, adding warmth to the space with its dark tones and plush chairs.

October 2010 Canadian House and Home

In order to make glass front storage or even open storage you must ensure that all of you storage needs are still met. Here these needs are met by having floor to ceiling storage not only on the one side but also on the other-side that also incorporates the microwave. Also notice how the bottoms of the cabinets have furniture like detail. Although this is a custom kitchen this can also be achieved by installing pre-made kitchen cabinets and adding the molding detail after or even using your existing cabinets and refreshing their look bu painting the cabinets out and adding the moldings to the top(crown) as well as to the bottom. The lighting over the island is clear and flows in the space. They pendents are pretty but not overpowering. The real lighting in this kitchen comes from strategically placed pot lights.

October 2010 Canadian House and Home

The clean lines and furniture feel appeal carries through to the dining room with the dark finish that mimics the finishes in the dark accents in the kitchen. Having a round table allows flexibility for seating and a feeling of a more formal space. This is good for homes that are lacking a space for a formal dining room. Notice the lighting: it mimics the shape of the table. This is key because it created flow within the space.

October 2010 Canadian House and Home

A kitchen like this is easy to add color to if you feel white is too sterile. a few accessories placed around the room, in the glass cabinets as well as in the dining room can make a big impact and if you are a color chameleon…easy to change with your mood (or season)!

How to get this look for less:

  • Instead of stone¬†counter tops a¬†neutral laminate with a clean profile
  • Paint existing kitchen cabinets(not stark white off white or cream) or install new updated¬†cabinet¬†fronts and clean simple handles, using glass front doors for a main¬†sight line.
  • Add¬†moldings to the tops and bottoms of your cabinets. For crown molding add a strip of wood to the top of your old cabinet to fasten the crown¬†molding¬†to if your cabinets don’t go to your¬†ceiling.
  • Use ceramic tiles in a clean fresh white or cream that compliments your¬†counter-tops¬†and cabinet colors. Subway tile is always a classic, clean look.
  • Purchase inexpensive stools, a staple gun, fabric and simply personalize!
  • Replace lighting with clean simple fixtures($20 Ikea) and voila!



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