How to Arrange Accessories

Here is a little article I found on the Pottery Barn website that I thought I would share. A little helpful advice on how to display the little things, enjoy 🙂


Accessories are expressions of your spirit and can make a room come alive. They can also be both decorative and practical, introducing accents of color into a room, enriching it with pattern and texture, or infusing a familiar setting with renewed energy and style.

Changing your accessories offers a simple and affordable way to evolve your style over time. Change can be simple: switch lamp shades to alter the atmosphere; try adding a slipcover, some vibrant pillows, and a colorful, unexpected throw to renew a sofa. Or, simply rotate accessories within the room, or from one room to another

Often it’s the arrangement of accessories, as much as the items themselves, that creates a strong impression.

Pair items of differing colors, textures, and provenances to draw attention to them. Creatively grouped accessories not only hold their place in a large room, they also arouse curiosity and make you want to draw near, whether to touch a translucent alabaster bowl or to sink into an inviting heap of pillows.

Accessories can change and evolve as you do, chronicling your interests like a three-dimensional scrapbook. Don’t be afraid them to change them up or add to them on a whim. Shelves offer opportunities to present interesting vignettes. Use them as you would a shadow box to combine the personal and the familiar with more exotic items: a postcard from a friend propped against a small painting, or leather-bound books comfortably arranged beside a modern vase.

One great tip I have learned is when you buy accessories, art, pillows or throws…and as a main rule of decorating allow each room to have similar colors and tones so that you are able to move everything around to any room in the house. Not only does this create a flow from room to room but its also easier on the pocket book 🙂



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