Find of the day: DIY Basic Box cushion tutorial

If you have been looking for a bit of a challenging project or you happen to be at ease with your sewing skills try out the instructions for making a simple box cushion in the following tutorial. I am thinking about adapting the pattern to make the cushion for a window bench as well as a bed for my little furry friend!


the design of the cushion(used on a built in Window bench):

Idea for a dog bed that will fit in with any decor:


Find of the day: DIY Farmhouse table plan

I am actually going to do this, one day in the short term future

If you are also feeling ambitious, handy or know someone who is… check out the detailed step by step instructions and product lists that will assist you in creating your very own table.

If you want extensions this DIYer has shown how they did just that with this plan, as well as their own step by step adventures through the plans instructions

I am hoping to achieve a look that is something like this (please note these tables were actually made from this plan!):


with extention:


Modern design, Vintage flair

What do you do when you find you have a love of both modern furniture as well as furniture and accessories that are vintage as well? Why not mix the two to create and eclectic feel that has depth, interest and adds a little flair to your space. Here are a few examples of this style!

Here is an idea for a home office or family room that integrates the use of traditional built ins, modern bookcases and 50’s style furniture  and prints to create a fresh and inviting space that isn’t too serious.

By using modern light fixtures and arranging the paintings in a more modern collage you create a modern look with very traditional and vintage items. The pairing of the rustic table and the ultra modern chairs in a variety of colors creates a artsy feel.

Kitchen modern vintage…skies the limit. By using a modern profile floating shelf system and cabinets while keeping a rustic element in the the island and light fixture you create a space that feels more like a trendy downtown bakery, although this kitchen could very easily be in the country. The use of the retro fridge adds a sense of fun!

Ultra antique bench and a very modern arrangement and application for using a mix of vintage and modern frames.

Again, mixing furniture and accessories creating this mixed look

Modern applications of vintage wallpaper as well as the shabby chic effects of the painted furniture and the barn wood headboards creates a light and airy getaway. Instead of a bench, the two very modern tables add interest and additionally allows space for storage …instead of piling pillows why not use old crates or baskets for the little things such as a spare blanket or seasonal items.

A little more mix of vintage and modern but with a more masculine feel. the dark tones and the retro script creates a space with a art gallery feeling flair. I love how they use the unexpected as art, who would have thought a clip board could be pretty!

Find of the Day: DIY Upolstered Headboards

(For a more intricate headboard see the link on how to cut out shaped headboards:


  • polyester batting
  • fabric
  • staples
  • finish nails
  • anchors
  • plywood
  • 3/8″ plywood
  • buttons
  • upholstery thread
  • mirror hangers


  • pencil
  • straightedge
  • safety glasses
  • power drill
  • drill bits
  • staple gun
  • level
  • needle
 Step 1: Mark and Drill the Plywood

Mark the center point of the plywood and use a yardstick to draw a line across the diagonal with a pencil. Then draw an intersecting diagonal and with a pencil mark the point where the two lines meet . Maintaining the diagonal pattern, mark the entire surface with spots for more buttons, 12″ apart. Put on safety glasses. Then use a power drill with a medium bit to drill holes through all the pencil-marked spots.

Step 2: Arrange the Fabric and Batting

Pick a piece of upholstery-weight fabric that is 6″ or so longer than the piece of plywood on all sides. Lay it on a sturdy work surface, with the side you want to show facing down. Cut batting a few inches longer than the piece of plywood on all sides. Place it on top of the face-down fabric. Top it with a same-size piece of thin batting foam. Center the drilled plywood on top of the three layers of material — fabric, batting and batting foam.

Step 3: Attach the Fabric to the Plywood

Pull the foam, batting and material snugly over each corner of the wood and staple it. Do the same to cover the hard edges on the sides of the board.

Step 4: Sew the Buttons Onto the Headboard

Select large buttons, possibly ceramic or antique glass. Secure them to the fabric-covered board with a large needle and upholstery thread: start by threading the needle through the drilled hole on the uncovered side of the plywood. To get the buttons secured tightly on the plywood, lay a finish nail on its side over each of the drilled holes on the back of the plywood. Once you’ve finished sewing each button, tie the ends to the finish nail. If you want a tufted look, with the buttons recessed in the fabric, twist the nail several times clockwise. This will create tension in the upholstery thread that will pull the button into the cushion-backed fabric.

Step 5: Hang the Headboard

Hang the headboard with mirror hangers equidistant from the center of the headboard. Use the shortest screws that come with the kit — you don’t want the headboard to tilt out from the wall and hit people on the head. Use a level and an anchor if you can’t find or don’t have a wall stud available.

 Other ideas…in the event you are not a fan of Upolstered headboards:
 Vintage salvage:
 An old Door:

Wallpaper today…not like your Grandma’s house

Wallpaper…What a scary thought! Its not for everybody but if you have a space that screams for attention, texture or color it might be the perfect fit. Here are a few ideas that will help bring your thoughts on this classic technique out of the past and beyond you wildest imagination!

If you don’t want to commit or you have a print that you love but would be to busy for a wall application here are a few ideas to create a large impact with a splash of interest:

If you feel a bit daring and want to go outside the box why not apply wallpaper to a space that is unexpected…

or if you are really feeling daring…

For a more traditional approach with a modern twist choose graphic wallpaper, which will your room a cozy, casual and inviting appeal

The next idea is pasting the wallpaper on a canvas, hanging the “art” as a headboard. By adding the mirror the overall feel of the room is large, cozy and calm…with a hint of fun

Something a little more traditional in print but with the soothing grey and green colors and the dramatic over sized patter this room feel modern, but with a timeless feel.

…why do you always have to put stripes verticle? By running the stripes horizontally you bring the eye level down low.

Lastly…just for fun and also because its a Sarah Richardson room…so pretty!