Wallpaper today…not like your Grandma’s house

Wallpaper…What a scary thought! Its not for everybody but if you have a space that screams for attention, texture or color it might be the perfect fit. Here are a few ideas that will help bring your thoughts on this classic technique out of the past and beyond you wildest imagination!

If you don’t want to commit or you have a print that you love but would be to busy for a wall application here are a few ideas to create a large impact with a splash of interest:

If you feel a bit daring and want to go outside the box why not apply wallpaper to a space that is unexpected…

or if you are really feeling daring…

For a more traditional approach with a modern twist choose graphic wallpaper, which will your room a cozy, casual and inviting appeal

The next idea is pasting the wallpaper on a canvas, hanging the “art” as a headboard. By adding the mirror the overall feel of the room is large, cozy and calm…with a hint of fun

Something a little more traditional in print but with the soothing grey and green colors and the dramatic over sized patter this room feel modern, but with a timeless feel.

…why do you always have to put stripes verticle? By running the stripes horizontally you bring the eye level down low.

Lastly…just for fun and also because its a Sarah Richardson room…so pretty!



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