It Ain’t Easy Being Green…

With spring upon us I can’t help but be attracted to the lush comforting color of green. My favorite shades are bright and vibrate with less yellow and more wow. Admittedly, I am not one for a lot of color on a wall but if done right, the smallest touches and careful arranging your room can read green in no time!

I love the nature pattern on the chair and the clean bright neutral walls:

again a similar effect with more neutral furniture:

Again very neutral walls and very green accessories:

For a little more luxury the kelly green pillows exude elegance:

For those who are bold! The island itself makes a large impact and the unexpected ceiling wall paper just adds to the wow factor of this space:

For those who are less daring….

Pastel love:

A little bit of a bold pastel effect. The mixing of the patterns creates a no fuss atmosphere (don’t want to be tooooo serious!):

Don’t forget outside too!

Quit being green with envy and get a little green of your own 😉



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