Outside the box: enough matchy matchy!

Eclectic mixes in a room creates interest and is by far one of my favorite styles. I love the fact that you can add the unexpected such as a strange worldly item, a bright punch of color, unexpected uses for items or even unexpected placements. why not challenge the eye and push some boundaries…its always fun being the rebel 🙂

Classic + worldly +vintage = fantastic!

Zebra print, sketches of warriors, pink flowers, gold sconces….why not?!?!!

A little more country but a fresh and cheery mix:

One word: DRAMA!!! everything about this space screams look at me from the over-sized furniture to the reflections of the mirrors…I’m in love

A little bit of the unexpected, why not highlight an unconventional nook with a roof mounted piece of art. Why limit yourself!

mix and match. why worry if you have plaid and floral, red, green, blue and yellow- when it clicks it clicks and the overall effect of this room isn’t busy- its actually very welcoming.



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