Freshen up your space for spring! 10 tips :)


1. Rearrange art. I find by it items that go in every room I have the flexibility to switch from room to room!
2. Give things a fresh take. Stack books, group collections on a tray, declutter dumping grounds ( we all have them). By changing things up and decluttering your space will instantly feel fresher and new
3. Add new throw pillows and throws. By putting away all the heavy quilts and adding fun and bright pillows and blankets your mood will have an instant uplift!
4. Purge. Empty the room entirely and start from scratch. Sometimes takes a fresh start at a space – this can allow you to rework and even improve the function.
5. Awaken your senses. Add fresh flowers, springy scented candles or a bowl of dried scented potpourri to bring the smell of spring to your room
6. Paint a feature wall, add some wallpaper or even adding new curtains/ area rug. A bit more drastic, but some rooms may call for that!
7. New sheets and bedding, nothing feels more fresh then crisp sheets.
8. Pick a bright accent color and go with it. Add splashes everywhere from cushions, to candles, to trendy accessories. The key with this is keeping your fixed items fairly neutral.
9. Switch that furniture. We have talked about moving accessories and art around the house, what about furniture! Move tables, lamps, chairs and benches.
10. Open things up, open up those windows, pull back those drapes, lift those blinds! Let the light in and hopefully it lifts the mood



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