Attic Update 2

I guess I never did post our finished attic photo’s!

This space was never really finished since the house was built in 1926….so we are the first to really utilize the space to its full potential, pretty proud of how it turned out; here they are!

Here are the before’s

attic photo 4
this one is before a new rug and blinds but only one I have at this angle on my phone ūüôā

attic 5

attic 6

attic photo 1

Love this cozy space with a view! great place to hang out with our family and cuddle up



Fresh new look at home

Feeling a little better after getting rid of our tired couch… I wish spring would show it’s pretty little face soon but until them I will be lounging on a comfy new couch set… From of all places Ikea! We figured having a little baby and a plan of having at least one more in the future we would stick to something that if grape juice and sticky fingers found their way on the fabric, we wouldn’t be so upset! Another perk is that they are fully slip covered. So about 3 hours to put together and a little patience it’s a wallet and family friendly option ( couch was about $650 and the sectional was $1100) 20130417-100616.jpg
The couches go pretty good with my Homesense pillow finds!



Lets live in colour!

Out with the white, in with the bright! Here’s a fun little post for spring of my favourite trends


Easter style pastels


Although this is black it’s so bold and fresh!


Loving the mixtures of blues mixed with oversized drama and natural events with the wood table


As bright as the sun! This yellow is so cheery…bold but it’s really only accessories!


Pretty and fun with a touch of serenity for everyday


Again look what you can do with a splash of colour!


Again! Liven up those neutrals!


For those who are bold!


Add a bit more heat!


Pretty eclectic mix


Just fresh


Understated yet classy, still feels springy!!


Outside the box: enough matchy matchy!

Eclectic mixes in a room creates interest and is by far one of my favorite styles. I love the fact that you can add the unexpected such as a strange worldly item, a bright punch of color, unexpected uses for items or even unexpected placements. why not¬†challenge the eye and push some¬†boundaries…its always fun¬†being¬†the rebel ūüôā

Classic + worldly +vintage = fantastic!

Zebra print, sketches of warriors, pink flowers, gold sconces….why not?!?!!

A little more country but a fresh and cheery mix:

One word: DRAMA!!! everything about this space screams look at me from the¬†over-sized¬†furniture to the reflections of the mirrors…I’m in love

A little bit of the unexpected, why not highlight an unconventional nook with a roof mounted piece of art. Why limit yourself!

mix and match. why worry if you have plaid and floral, red, green, blue and yellow- when it clicks it clicks and the overall effect of this room¬†isn’t¬†busy- its actually very welcoming.


Cabin Chic

Thinking about the weekend, a long weeked, I thought how nice to do a take of design from the perspective of cabin living. Why not add a modern twist or add charm to a space that is typically left with a mismash of furniture.

Eclectic display:

Different take on uses for furniture:

Light flows:

Go with the flow:

Pretty prints with unexpected colors, large beefy trim, panelling in a unconventional scale:



A few things to add into the mix:

Find of the day: A little of this a little of that (designer Michael Penney)

A great link I would love to share with you along with some of my favorites from his site! Check it out (thanks Jenna :)):


It Ain’t Easy Being Green…

With spring upon us I can’t help but be¬†attracted¬†to the lush comforting color of green. My favorite shades are bright and vibrate with less yellow and more wow.¬†Admittedly, I am not one for a lot of color on a wall but if done right, the smallest touches and careful arranging your room can read green in no time!

I love the nature pattern on the chair and the clean bright neutral walls:

again a similar effect with more neutral furniture:

Again very neutral walls and very green accessories:

For a little more luxury the kelly green pillows exude elegance:

For those who are bold! The island itself makes a large impact and the unexpected ceiling wall paper just adds to the wow factor of this space:

For those who are less daring….

Pastel love:

A little bit of a bold pastel effect. The mixing of the patterns creates a no fuss atmosphere (don’t want to be tooooo serious!):

Don’t forget outside too!

Quit being green with envy and get a little green of your own ūüėČ